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Taggart Student Center Mission Statement

The Taggart Student Center is the community center of the university for all the members of the university family - students, staff, faculty, administration, alumni and guests. It is not merely a building; it is also an organization and a program. With its many functions, it represents a well- considered plan for the community life of the university. As the "living room" or the "hearthstone" of the university, the Taggart Student Center provides for the services, conveniences, and amenities the members of the university family need in their daily life on campus and for getting to know and understand one another through informal association outside the classroom..

TSC Mission


The Taggart Student Center has three main objectives; education, leadership, and service.


The Taggart Student Center is part of the total educational program of the university. The basic academic mission of the university is supported in the following ways:

  1. As the center of university community life, it serves as a laboratory for citizenship, training students in social responsibility and for leadership in society.

  2. Through its collaboration and partnership with the Associated Students of Utah State University, it combines its various boards, committees, and staff in providing cultural, social, and recreational programs aiming to utilize free time activities an opportunity to practice what they are learning in the classroom.

  3. In all its processes, it encourages self-directed activity, giving maximum opportunity for self-realization and for growth in individual social competency and group effectiveness. Its' goal is cognitive and effective development.

  4. It provides a wealth of materials, equipment, information, necessary facilities, and know how for transforming thoughts into reality, programs into actions, and concerns into causes.

  5. With extension nationally and internationally being part of the mission of the university, the student center provides a place where students can engage in activities that promote cultural exchanges. The educational process is enhanced by the interaction of individuals with diverse national, racial, religious, and socioeconomic origins. This environment provides an opportunity for people to learn how to constructively resolve differences and promote understanding.


Through the constitution of the Associated Students of Utah State University, elected student officers and numerous appointed student leaders use the student center as home base for implementation of numerous activities and programs. These provide a stimulus for informal educational processes complementary to leadership growth and development. Leadership in this setting is displayed in many of the following ways:

    1. Enactment of policies and procedures affecting student life on campus.


  1. The opportunity to establish committees and other groups to assist in legislative, administrative and social functions.


  2. The right to conduct investigations into matters concerning student welfare and to make recommendations to appropriate university authorities.

  3. Through volunteerism, hundreds of students are able to receive self-affirmation and the satisfaction of accomplishment by producing desirable and enjoyable programs promoting service for the university and the community.

  4. Student retention is higher among students who are involved in committees, government, etc. which provides them with longer exposure to the leadership opportunities afforded them.

  5. The student center provides for leadership by exposure (social, mental, emotional, physical) to environments which promote encouragement for participation

  6. Numerous paid management positions are given to students to over-see responsible areas within the student center.


Students, faculty and staff often find that cafeterias, bookstores, and a variety of other services are provided in the student center facilities. Without the availability of these services, many of the students would have a difficult time acquiring goods and services needed. The Taggart Student Center makes these services available and are used by resident and non-resident students alike. The student center has become a "one-stop-shopping" location for the campus community.

Taggart Student Center services that benefit the university community are numerous. Among the services available are:

  1. Conference rooms, auditorium, ballroom, lounges, banquet rooms, etc. provide settings for conferences, seminars and meetings for various interactive purposes.

  2. Community functions are encouraged and often held in the student center which allows for a positive relationship between the university and the community.

  3. Student Service functions are provided for students to support their academic needs and requirements. These include: Student Service Administration, Admissions & Records, Registration, Financial Aid, Health Services, Academic Services, counseling, Women's/Re-entry Student Center, International Student Office, and Multi-cultural Student Services.

  4. Additional services are provided by both on and off-campus businesses. These include: The Statesman student newspaper, Game Room, Information Desk, Programs & Entertainment, Barbershop, Post Office, Banking Services, Convenience Store, Ticket Office, Copy Center, ID Office, and Bookstore.

  5. The student center serves as a unifying force in the life of students, staff and faculty which cultivates enduring regard and loyalty towards the university.

Through the above mentioned areas, the Taggart Student Center gives both direct and indirect support to the basic academic mission of the university. Its purpose is one of support to the university. Through its various programs and entities, the goals of teaching, research and service are part of everyday life within the facility.